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Battlefield lasers: Attack Helicopters, Warships, and Soldiers of the future

Weaponized lasers are making themselves felt on the battlefield. But what will they look like and how will they be used?

International Politics:

The Ten Bloodiest conflicts happening right now

Our list accounts for more than 130,000 people killed in the last year alone.

Air pollution from fossil fuels are a common sight across the globe.
Air pollution from fossil fuels are a common sight across the globe.

Paris Climate Agreement comes into force as pollution levels reach record high

We’ve passed the point of no return. There’s good news and a lot of bad news…

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Environment and Sustainability:


Water Wars: the new military imperative

Our most precious resource is running out. The question is – can we stop our blind consumption before it’s too late? Anja Bless discusses the future implications of water scarcity and what it means when the taps run dry.


Greed and Exploitation: Second coming of the illegal wildlife trade

Decades of poaching have finally come to a head. The last African white rhino has become extinct, and elephant numbers are on the brink after a resurgence in poaching.

The Tech Crunch:


SpaceX: The Interplanetary Rocket System announcement and colonising Mars

Elon Musk’s SpaceX has unveiled its plan to get humans to Mars. Check out the Private Sector’s answer to making humanity a multi-planet civilisation.


China launches it’s revolutionary ‘elevated’ bus

Determined to curb pollution and crippling traffic, a Chinese company is pioneering new ways to move people. Cheaper than traditional forms of public transport, and with projections to cut traffic by up to 30%, the vertical but may be the transport option of the future.


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