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The Americas are home to some of the biggest economic powerhouses on the planet, not least of which being the United States. Welcome to our home for the latest on the continents of extreme wealth and poverty.

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Automation: Almost 50% of American jobs to disappear

Advances in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics have led to the replacement of Human workers across the country. As the second wave of automation begins, which industries are most at risk? Read more in our special report.

North America

American’s chasing the high

Opiate addiction is killing Americans by the thousands. A system of over-prescription and maltreatment is fuelling a silent epidemic that has hurt more people than it helps.

America’s Drug Addiction

Americans spend more than $100 billion annually on illicit substances. As of 2015, the US government will have spent $15 trillion on drug prevention across the globe. Should drugs be legalised?


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Latin America:

Colombia: Peace with FARC after 54 years

After more than half a decade of war, Peace has come to Colombia at last. Decades of negotiation have brought a tenuous cease-fire, but will the peace process be complete?

Venezuela Starves

The price of basic goods such as foods and medicine have now blown out by more than 1000%. Has Venezuela reached its breaking point as the people starve?

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