Europe is the ancient beating heart of the West. Densely populated yet divided by centuries of history, Europe remains one of the key power centers in the globe, especially since its incorporation into the European Union.

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Catalonian Independence: Understanding why

Catalan’s controversial local referendum finds that 90% of the locals who voted support independence. The region is now on a collision course with Madrid on the future of the region.

Eastern Europe



Half a million Romanians “shine a sea of light” on government corruption.

The Romanian government’s attempts to legalize embezzlement and graft by officials has backfired dramatically. The country is now in the grips of the largest protests since the fall of its Communist dictator in 1989.


cropped-istanbul.jpgTurkish military attempts to seize power

Tensions surrounding President Edrogan’s erosion of civil democracy have come to a head. Elements of Turkey’s military attempted to seize power in a bloody coup that has now failed.

Western Europe




Brexit: What’s the EU to do?

The UK continues to feel the effects of Brexit. The economic toll is mounting, but what can the EU do as other countries eye the exit as well?



NATO’s new Warface

Has Russia’s increasing aggression awoken Europe’s sleeping giant? NATO is undergoing a fast re-armament and ramping up its forces as the Europe’s security falls into increasing jeopardy.

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