Controlling the South-China Sea



The pacific power-struggle

China’s increasing assertiveness has triggered an on-going scuffle between more than eight neighboring countries and drawn in outside middle and world powers. The Global Quorum has been there since the start, and continues to cover and analyse what’s happening in one of the most important regions of the world.

The latest:

Chinese Aircraft Carriers and Sea-forts: Challenging the U.S. in the Pacific

2017 will prove a challenge to the newly elected U.S. President Donald Trump. China has strengthened its position in the pacific with the deployment of its new aircraft carrier as well as fortifying its new island bases with anti-aircraft emplacements.

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Our summary:

The South China Sea: A rising dragon

The post that started it all. In our inaugural article, we look at why the region is so important, and how the world’s two biggest Super-Powers are preparing to face-off over control of this vital trade and resources corridor.


China’s claim to the South China Sea ruled ‘Illegal’ – Hague

In a land-mark decision, China’s “historic right” to the region has been found to be utterly unjustified by The Hague.

1024px-USS_Peleliu_(LHA_5)_in_South_China_Sea_01Gunboat Diplomacy on the South China Sea

In response to the increased competition over resources, countries across the region are spending big on their navies. With more fire-power than ever, the chances for miscalculation continue to grow.