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Asia is home to some of the most populous and vibrant cultures on the planet. Stay up to date with the issues shaping the region and the forces that will shape our world.

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Rohingya Refugees: Genocide in South-East Asia

In the latest spate of violence to rock Myanmar, 400 of the Rohingya minority have been killed by government forces. Fighting has displaced more than half a million, and the leadership of Nobel Peace prize winner Ang San Suu Kyi has been called into question




Chinese Aircraft Carriers and Sea-forts: Challenging the U.S. in the Pacific

2017 will be a challenge for newly elected U.S. President Donald Trump as he will be forced to confront the realities of a rising China in the Pacific. China is set to deploy its first aircraft carrier to the contested South China Sea, where it has annexed and fortified island bases.


Hong Kong: Self-censored

As Hong Kong struggles with its identity, it may be facing the fiercest opposition from an unlikely source – itself. Self-censorship is gutting the local media as the search for profits has caused local journalists to refrain from criticising the mainland.

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Across Asia



Karoshi – “Death by Overwork”

In Japan, death by over-work has become so common that it’s been given it’s own name – Koroshi. Senior Editor Anja Bless examines why it is that Japanese youth are so disproportionately effected and how anyone could work themselves to death.



North Korea: Moon landing “in ten years”

North Korea has announced an ambitious plan for its domestic space program. The country hopes to launch a number of advanced satellites by 2020 to bolster is communications and economy. It also hopes to land on the moon.

The Pacific


With more than 7,000 dead in the “war on drugs”, Philippines approves $20 USD budget for Human Rights Commission in 2018

Philippine President Roberto Duterte faces international pressure after the House of Representatives has drastically cut funding for the Commission on Human Rights. President Duterte has been in the spotlight as his “war on drugs” continues to escalate with yet more dead, and questions surround the legality of extra-judicial killings by police and security forces.


Trumping the Asia-Pacific

Defying expectation, Donald Trump has been elected as America’s next President. His policies have caused international alarm, but what do they mean for the world’s most populous region?

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