The birth cradle of humanity is one of the most diverse and vast continents on the planet. With 54 countries on the continent, the cultures are as varied as the landscape. Poverty and famine are still common, with new challenges emerging as states industrialise.

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Burundi: 500 dead and violence continues, government rejects UN police deployment

Violence and killing has resumed across Burundi, threatening to shatter the fragile peace brokered after the civil-war ended in 2006. With the government determined to shun outside assistance, can Burundi pull itself back from the brink?

Across the region:


Congo: Rape Capital of the World

More than 1152 women are raped every day in the Congo. Almost half a million experience sexual violence every year, and there is little hope of these figures abating as violence scours the eastern DRC.


Greed and Exploitation: The Second Coming of the Illegal Wildlife Trade

Decades of poaching have finally come to a head. The last African white rhino has become extinct, and elephant numbers are on the brink after a resurgence in poaching.

Aid and IGOs


Empowering the African Union – the long path to legitimacy

The African Union is a thriving contradiction. It is a vehicle for continental unity and economic growth, yet a hangover of what it once was – a club of self-centred dictators.


Congo: Transforming the role of the United Nations

In the Congo, the United Nations is undergoing a change to its fundamental structure. Since the establishment of the International Criminal Court, it is now changing its posture from simply reactive into a proactive force on the world.

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