Our new name; celebrating two years



Aidan Quinn | Editor in Chief

We are Global Enquirers – celebrating two years

Long time readers may have noticed something different on our site. To mark two years since this website was first conceived and founded, we’ve changed our name from The Global Quorum to The Global Enquirer. This was something we, the Editors, believe is reflective of how far we’ve come and for our goals for this company’s future.

We want to continue our tradition for quality writing on the issues that you want to read about. It is for that reason that we’ve re-branded to The Global Enquirer. An enquirer is someone who asks questions, searches for answers, and seeks to understand, and it is for this reason that we believe it is a better fit for our site.

Returning to our roots

When we first founded The Global Quorum, it was born from a frustration with established media. That being; that young and and passionate writers who wanted to write about international affairs did not have a space to publish their own work. We started this site with the goal of helping young people build up a portfolio and style of their own, and this was the genesis for our tagline: Your World, Your Voice.

Two years on, we’ve been delighted by the results. Our articles have been featured on Flipboard and Reddit for thousands of views, and we have hosted more than 30 young writers from across the globe.

Thank you, readers

Of course none of this is possible without you, dear reader. Whether this is your first look at our home, or you’re a long-term reader we welcome you to our site.

Have a look around, leave a comment.

Want to join our next batch of writers? Apply through the link below:

Apply here




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