Turkish military attempts to seize power


The live updates have now ended.

The brief:

Elements of Turkey’s military have attempted to seize power over night, deploying across the capital of Ankara as well as Istanbul.

Pro-Government supporters attempt to stop a tank involved in the military coup, following calls by the President to “resist”. Photo: AP

There are confirmed reports of fighting within the city as elements of the police and Military Intelligence units resist. The government has declared a “no-fly zone” over the capital, with unconfirmed reports of loyalist forces attacking military helicopters for control of the skies.

The Turkish Parliament has come under attack. President Edrogan has landed in Istanbul and is attempting to rally loyalist forces.


Loyalist Turkish forces have regained control of the situation. Mass surrenders of military coup participants to police.

Casualties remain unknown at this time.

Timeline: Friday the 15th of July

22:30 – Military forces deploy and shut down Istanbul’s Bosphorus and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge.


23:00 – Reports of gunfire in the city, helicopters and military jets seen in the skies.

  • Turkish PM Binali Yildirim confirms that an attempted coup d’etat is taking place
  • Mr. Yildirim urges security forces to resist and “do what is necessary”

23:30 – Turkish military releases a statement proclaiming that it has taken power to protect “democratic order”.

  • Turkish President Tayyip Edrogan confirms that he is alive and safe to CNN Turkey

24:00 – Turkish Chief of staff is taken hostage in the military headquarters within Ankara

  • Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and social media platforms are blocked or have access restricted
  • Soldiers storm the state TV broadcaster of TRT in Ankara according to Reuters
  • TRT broadcasters read a statement on behalf of the military that declares a “new constitution” will be prepared, and that the country is now to be run by an interim “peace council”.
  • Coup plotters blame President Edrogan’s regime for eroding democratic institutions and the country’s secular nature.

24:30 – The government declares that it is still in power. Turkish PM promises that it will do whatever it takes to end the coup, even if it means fatalities.

  • TRT is shut down
  • President Edrogan tells reporters via videolink that he believes the coup is only being under-taken by a minority faction of the military

01:00 – Fighting intensifies across the city. A military helicopter fires on targets within the city.

  • Explosions and heavy gunfire are heard across the city.
  • Tanks surround the Turkish parliament and open fire.
  • Gunfire is heard at Istanbul airport

01:30 – Around 30 soldiers have surrendered to armed police forces in Istanbul square after being surrounded and outnumbered.

02:00 – Coup attempt has been declared as “defeated” according to Turkish Intelligence agency officials

  • Turkish fighter jet shoots down a military helicopter
  • State-run Anadolu Agency says 17 police were killed at Ankara’s special forces HQ

2:30 – A bomb hits parliament in Ankara, followed by two more.

3:45 – Loyalist forces and police begin surrounding and capturing the remaining coup plotters.


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  1. Turkey needs to respect democracy. Edrogan is a bigot and a power hungry dictator, but a democratically elected one :/


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